Improving the Care Women Receive: Dr. Tito Lopes

By OBOS — April 29, 2009

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Entrant: Jeannette Preston

Nominee: Dr. Tito Lopes, Lead Gynaecological Cancer Surgeon at the Royal Cornwall Hospital Truro, Cornwall UK NHS

a8pantscopyDr. Tito Lopes is the lead Gynaecological Cancer surgeon at the Royal Cornwall Hospital here in the UK. He heads an amazing team who work hard to deliver the best possible care in Cornwall, and we know we are blessed to him have.

Tito’s skills take him worldwide where he shares his knowledge with those who know him to be a master in his chosen field; they watch his surgery and learn. He has held extremely important posts in the UK, including being President of the Gynaecological Society. He is recognised as a pioneer in his work and held in high esteem in the world of gynaecology.

Not only is Tito an expert, he is also an inspirational man to the women he cares for, who all love him. I speak to many of the women he has performed surgery on, since they come to my website for support, or telephone me, or attend educational days where he, and the team, are guest speakers. They are fulsome in their praise of him and find his kindness overwhelming. He listens, and gives hope, and as a survivor of gynaecological cancer myself and one of his patients, I know how important that is.

When I began PANTS, a charitable organisation raising awareness of gynaecological cancer, Tito became involved and, along with his team, have been willing to take part in everything I have suggested to raise awareness. This included the entire team appearing in their pants for PANTS in the Calendar I produced for 2009. By doing this they showed empathy to the women in their care, and helped to sell calendars and raise much needed funds.

He and the team come to educational days, and concerts and recently at Eden Rocks for PANTS, Tito spoke to the young people to encourage them to take care of their gynae health.

The ground had rocked with the gig that evening as Rosie and the Goldbug headlined an amazing event, along with local young bands. It was  made all the more amazing by Tito using that soundbite opportunity to engage with the young people. It has been my aim since beginning to raise awareness of gynae cancer, to target young people, since being in contact with women around the world who have died of gynae cancer, largely through ignorance of their bodies and the signs and symptoms of these awful cancers.

Recovering from my own endometrial cancer, I realised how much ignorance there was in so many women, but it is the young lives snuffed out which most affected me. And here was Tito talking in a way that made the young people listen, and it was as if all those who had died were cheering from heaven!

Tito Lopes is a blessing for women, and their families who have gynae cancer, and works tirelessly to raise awareness and improve the care women receive. He is so deserving of the recognition your award would give him.

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  1. Congratulations to Dr Lopez for assisting Jeanette and encouraging other health professionals in celebrating the International Gynaecological Awareness Day IGAD. It is Drs like him who can see the future of Gyn Health and more awareness through speaking out as he does.

    I wish them all well in their endeavours to raise the profile of Gyn Health.

    Jeanette and I visited the Royal College Obstetrics and Gynaecology United Kingdom for the vision of IGAD, After that Jeanette and Dr Lopez made their difference in the world.

    Kath Mazzella

  2. May I just add my endorsement of Dr Tito Lopez for your award. Cornwall is a wonderful but rural and remote area in the UK , we women here KNOW we are so lucky to have the services and care from a Clinician of the calibre of Dr Lopez. He inspires confidence and courage in his patients which is wonderful to see. He changes lives. How great is that?

    His support to Jeannette and the ladies in her Group is tremendous and beyond the call of duty.

    Thank you Tito for all you do for us. Long may you rock !!

    Rose Woodward – Cornwall UK

  3. Could not agree more and he clearly needs recognition for all he has done for cancer services in Cornwall and UK

  4. Tito is an exceptional individual and one of the most dedicated, hardworking and talented clinicians I have ever had the priviledge to work with.

  5. Note: This is an additional nomination.

    Tito is a valuable colleague and an inspiration. We are very fortunate to have him here in Cornwall.

  6. I work with Tito at Treliske and he is a great team motivator and a highly skilled surgeon. We all enjoy our operating lists and share the common goals of each doing our best for the patients. I wish all surgeons were more like him.

  7. Tito is an excellent surgeon and combines this with a caring, patient centred approach. He is a pleasure to work with and is held in very high esteem by his patients, many of whom I meet after their surgery.

  8. I too work with Tito, and just wish to add that it is great to have surgical colleagues in Cornwall who continue to seek the best for their patients even when surgery no longer an option, or long in the past, when patients have incurable disease and palliative care needs. His care spans from helping patients to live, to caring for them at the end of life.

  9. Mr.Lopez is a good teacher and mentor. He is always keen on teaching new skills and as a junior trainee I find it quite helpful.

  10. I was so lucky to have Mr Tito Lopez as my surgeon when I suffered cancer of the womb in April last year. He is the most caring a professional man I have ever met and his dedication to his job is 2nd to none, thank you for my life

  11. It is an wonderful that Tito chose Cornwall to settle and work. We are so lucky to have someone with such enthusiasm and expertise working alongside us.A very worthy nominee for the award.

  12. It is an honour to be able to work alongside Mr Lopes. He offers so much in terms of education and expertise to all trainees in this specialty.

  13. Tito appears to go the extra mile for his patients, in turn inspiring great devotion from them

  14. This is an additional nomination for Tito.

    Mr Lopes is the kind of a team leader that I will be more than happy to work with anywhere in the World.

  15. i met Dr. Tito once through the Pants Charity- her struck me as a warm, compassionate , true healer.

  16. Mr Lopes has made an enormous difference to the care of women with gynaecological cancer in Cornwall. He has inspired his team and colleagues and provides a very high standard of care.

  17. Tito is a gifted surgeon whose passion and dedication to his work is an inspiration to us all. He has devoted much time to improving and expanding the services in gynaecological oncology. The women of Cornwall are extremely lucky to have a man of his talents here!

  18. Mr Lopez has my vote! I have listened to his inspirational talks on a number of occasions and I truly thank him for the professional support he has given to countless women in Cornwall. We are so lucky to have him working in our county!

  19. Tito is a true gentleman and an inspiring leader of the gynaecological cancer team in Cornwall.We ,and all the women of Cornwall, are very lucky that he chose to come down here to work with us .

  20. I am the person who nominated Tito and just want to add, before all the votes are counted, that many of the people who have voted are his collegues- in part this is due to the fact that it was easy to contact them via the hospital..whereas his patients are located across the county of cornwall, and the UK, and many not able to be contacted due to patient confidentiality, and I am sure many more colleagues would wish to vote had they the time- but I think it so important to emphasise that these are colleagues who can truly judge how amazing his surgical/doctoring/patient-bedside/tlc/ skills are….. I would also like to add a vote for his family- who must have supported him so much through the countless years of study, endless on calls and long,long days, and would add that Mrs Lopes attends events I organise.Jeannette Preston

  21. Mr Lopes has my vote – he is the most professional, approachable, kind, caring consultant. He always has time to listen and offer his advice. I feel very lucky to have met him and am sure his treatment contributed to my recovery. Women of Cornwall are lucky to have him here!

  22. Mr Lopes provides an invaluable service for patients with gynaecological cancers within the region. It is fantastic to have such expertise on our doorstep.

  23. Tito is a very kind and friendly guy, I’m glad to have met him through PANTS and Cornwall Surfer Girls, and although fortunately I have not needed his excellent care I have heard so many good things about him. I hope loads more people find this list and vote for him!

  24. I have not been able to find a way to make a vote, so Please count this as my vote for Dr. Lopes. Women need someone of this calibre, and Dr. Lopes deserve acknowledgement for his outstanding work.

  25. Mr Lopes is a brilliant surgeon, an excellent teacher and a very patient and caring doctor. I feel very privileged to be his trainee.

  26. I vote for Tito Lopes as I have great admiration for his caring nature and wonderfull skills. I also support PANTS the charity started by Jeannette.

  27. Tito is an excellent surgeon and colleague who has an international reputation. His leadership should ensure that gynaecological cancer services remain in Cornwall.

  28. I wish to register my vote for Mr Lopes. Following gynaecological surgery I have been able to develop a completely new life, active and enjoyable, and am now able to make plans for the future. With grateful thanks.

  29. I would like to register my vote. Mr Lopes is a dedicated, enthusiastic consultant who has a wonderful rapport with his patients, and makes a difference to gynae-oncological services in Cornwall.

  30. I worked with Tito for over 10 years in Gateshead and he is a great man, an inspiration to us all. It’s a terrible shame he left the North East of England but a massive gain for Cornwall and the South West. I fully endorse all the positive comments in this blog and wish him and all his patients a successful future.

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