Quick Hit: Campaign To End Chronic Pain in Women Site Launched

By Rachel Walden — May 19, 2010

Last week we noted that a new Campaign to End Chronic Pain In Women would be launching today, led by the Overlapping Conditions Alliance. The site for the campaign is now available at http://endwomenspain.org.

3 responses to “Quick Hit: Campaign To End Chronic Pain in Women Site Launched”

  1. A word of warning, the website is paid for by Pfizer, which makes gabapentin, one of the most commonly used medications for chronic pain. I certainly don’t disagree with improved diagnosis and treatment for women’s chronic pain, and I don’t deny that women have been under-researched, but the company that funded the site has a lot to gain.

  2. That’s interesting – I don’t think that was clear in the advance materials that went out last week which noted the orgs involved (such as the National Vulvodynia Association as part of the Overlapping Conditions Alliance), but the site as launched today does have a note at the bottom saying “This website was developed for the Campaign to End Chronic Pain in Women with financial support from Pfizer and through the extensive volunteer contributions of member organizations of the Overlapping Conditions Alliance.”

  3. Interesting thing of note that it’s tied in with Pfizer. Although hopefully it’s just a pro bono thing more than anything, or a community project for them. It’s a great thought all in all though, it’s such a shame that there’s little help for people suffering from chronic pain, it’s such a murky concept.

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