U.S.: University of Maryland’s Roshan Institute for Persian Studies & Women’s Studies Department

Farsi project team

Project team members at the Roshan Institute (L-R): Nazanine Beyranvand, Fatemeh Keshavarz, Safoura Nourbakhsh


بدن ما وجود ما (under development)

Translation: Our Body Is Ours



Our Bodies, Ourselves Project

University of Maryland’s Roshan Institute for Persian Studies and the Department of Women’s Studies are translating and adapting sections of “Our Bodies, Ourselves” for Farsi speaking women and girls in Iran and around the world.

The completed publication will be available online. Selected topics will include body image, with a focus on plastic surgeries (especially rhinoplasty, a booming business in Iran); violence against women and its impact on sexual and reproductive health; environmental and occupational health; women’s health around the globe; and selected medical problems.

The Institute has finished translating the first topic, “Body Image,” which is now available online, and hopes to raise additional funds for its adaptation to the Iranian context, followed by the other topics.

The Farsi adaptation will use the cover image of the most recent U.S. edition of “Our Bodies, Ourselves” (Simon & Schuster 2011) to officially establish the Institute’s connection and partnership with the OBOS Global Initiative, but the site will include local, culturally relevant graphics.


تصویر  (“Body Image”)


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