Amaze Videos: Pregnancy & Childbirth

A graphic image of an egg, a yellow circle, and sperm, a white smaller circle, sitting at dinner together. The egg is holding a cup of coffee and the sperm is holding flowers.

The following videos from Amaze explore several important questions about pregnancy & childbirth. They are geared towards young people, aged nine to twelve.

Pregnancy and Reproduction Explained

Many people choose to start a family through pregnancy and childbirth. This video explains how one becomes pregnant, focusing on the anatomical processes of pregnancy that include penetrative sex, artificial insemination, and in-vitro fertilization. It also underlines the fact that pregnancy and childbirth is just one way to start a family.


So, You Think You’re Pregnant

Some commons signs and symptoms of pregnancy include being tired, nauseated, or sore breasts. This video outlines where to find a pregnancy test, and how to talk to a trusted adult about options for pregnancy, such as parenting, adoption, and abortion.


What Are the Stages of Pregnancy?

In this video, you can learn more about the stages of pregnancy and how one might feel physically and emotionally during each stage. There is also information on labor and options for giving birth, such as vaginal birth and C-section.