OTC Birth Control Pill Access around the World

A world map of countries that have access to the birth control pill. The dark orange are those with over-the-counter access. The light orange are those with prescription only access. The gray are ones for which there is no data. Canada, the US, Australia, most of Western Europe, and a few countries in Southern Africa have only prescription access. Map: Ibis Reproductive Health-Created with Datawrapper

Access to oral contraceptives varies worldwide. With this interactive map, you can identify which countries require prescriptions for birth control pills, and which allow people to access oral contraceptives over the counter.

“Birth control pills are already available over the counter in more than 100 countries around the world. And in early 2024, the United States will FINALLY join that list when the first FDA-approved OTC birth control pill hits store shelves and online retailers across the country!”