Tools to Overcome Social Isolation

An older woman in a black t-shirt and black pants with colorful squiggles stands on a track with her hands in a fist and to the right of her. She appears to be in a workout class outside. There are other older women standing next to her and behind her in workout attire. Centre for Ageing Better/Unsplash

As we age, we are likely to experience greater social isolation. This AARP website has a plethora of resources to help us understand, and overcome, social isolation. The assessment tool can help us determine whether we, or someone we know, are affected by social isolation. Other resources on the website can help build our confidence and strengthen our social skills, to start overcoming social isolation and build community. An interactive map locates practical services such as medical care, food, and job training.

“Social isolation can happen for a variety of reasons. Your grown children and grandchildren may live far away. A job change or retirement may mean no longer having daily contact with co-workers. Injury or poor health may be keeping you on the sidelines.”

Note: While this resource doesn’t focus on women or gender-expansive people, it has wonderful resources that may be helpful to people of all genders.