Vaginal Birth after Three or More Cesareans

A white woman in a blue shirt and dark pants get an ultrasound done. She is laying on the medical table. Mart Production/Pexels

After someone has three or more prior cesareans, is vaginal birth an option? What does the evidence say? This article reviews the medical research, national guidelines, and medical ethics on birth options after three or more cesareans.

“After someone has a cesarean section, they often wonder if they will always have to have a cesarean for future deliveries. While ‘once a cesarean, always a cesarean’ is a common belief, it is not valid from a scientific standpoint. Neither is the assertion that the risks don’t increase with multiple prior cesareans. The truth is, vaginal birth after three cesareans (VBA3C), as well as vaginal birth after multiple cesareans (VBAMC), is an option for some people. Understanding what the research says, and acknowledging what we don’t know, is an important starting point for those evaluating their options and health care professionals alike.”