The current generation of LGBTQIA+ elders came of age at a turbulent time when coming out took courage. It could mean the loss of friends and family support or the loss of one’s job. It was a time of secrecy where, as Dr. Jane Fleishman says, “intimate lives were hidden in the shadows.” Over time, the movement for LGBTQIA+ rights has created a huge cultural shift, resulting in legalized same sex marriage and an increase in LGBTQIA+ leaders in political and social life. Nevertheless, the picture isn’t all rosy. LGBTQIA+ elders also face discrimination in the workplace, in housing, and in their communities. This section highlights the unique and beautiful lived experiences of older LGBTQIA+ individuals. We explore the complexities of having intersectional identities and include topics such as sexuality, LGBTQIA+ advocacy, inequalities, ageism, resilience, and so much more. The site also provides practical resources for LGBTQIA+ aging individuals.

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